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Scintilla: a tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing; a barely visible trace.

This set is a luxurious way to explore and discover our whole line, with enough product to last for several applications. These samples are intended for testing skin compatibility, not long-term results. Four to six weeks of consistent use is often required to understand what the long-term impact on skin health will be.

Scintilla comes with a reusable velvet pouch and includes the following:

Viritida: 10 g

Sulis: 5 ml

Kilda: 10 g

Nine Herbs Charm: 3 ml

Veil of Rest: 3 ml

Second Sight: 2 ml


Please note: These are tiny samples that should be used within 4 weeks of receiving, as they are not packaged in the UV-protective glass as our full sizes are. When not in use, please store in a cool, dark place.




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